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DIO and Ramin Gobadze’s friendship continues

DIO and Ramin Gobadze’s friendship continues

At the end of last year, we all remember the emotional moments of Dio's friendship with 10-year-old Ramin, the only student at the Kikibo school in the village, who dreamed of having friends. In collaboration with Ikiski we managed to make his dream come true. Ramin Gobadze was able to have an unforgettable experience in summer camp, which served to develop both personal and team skills.

Getting closer to peers, fun and challenging games, thinking and displaying costumes, drawing, dancing, excursions, group work, morning workouts, mini staging - everything that serves the development of personal and group adaptation skills in children aged 8-11 - were activities of the camp Ramin was in.

"I am so happy that so many children are doing the same things together and we don't have to think about playing games alone, playing with ourselves. I tell my teacher Nana and I play with her on vacation. We will definitely continue the friendship with the other children and if they will ever be in my village, I will have fun with them with these games. '' - Ramin sharing his emotions with joy.

DIO is always ready to encourage young people to get more education, learn about new technologies and develop more.

Remember that the talented, smart and cheerful Ramin Gobadze is the only student of the school arranged in the village Kikobo, and his teacher Nana Matsaberidze walks from Akhaltsikhe to teach him lessons.

In December, DIO fulfills Ramin’s wishes of going to a summer camp, where he had already made many friends; We gave the gift set, books and the main gift a laptop. (with Internet and educational programs / cartoons).

Along with the laptop, Ramin dreamed of having many friends. And thanks to the summer camp, his dream came true.

We are happy because we were able to fulfill this young boys dreams! We are happy to bring kindness and happiness.

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