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How to clean windows with no extra cost?

Mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar in one liter of warm water. Clean the glasses with the obtained solution.  Dilute a little glycerin in water, add a few drops of ammonium chloride alcohol - clean the windows with this solution and they will not dust for a long time. If you want your window panes to look unusually bright, add a little bit of shabby or washing lilac to the water.

How to choose a Metal-plastic Door-Window

When choosing a Metal-plastic door-window, be sure to consider these details so as not to be deceived: German profile 70 mm 1.5 mm - 2.0 mm - solid reinforcement Ensures the stability of the construction. 24 mm / 32 mm. Provides sound and heat insulation. Adjustable - Provides long service life. Professional installation, the tightness of the frame is not violated. Hydraulic insu...

How to make the ceiling of the room look visually high

If you want the ceiling of the room to look visually high, then you should definitely get a vertical curtain-blind. Vertical stripes visually "raise" the ceiling. The blinds control mechanism allows you to evenly and moderately distribute the entry of light flux, which creates the effect of "scattered light".
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