Through telephone and on-spot, at company’s consulting offices – head office, Saburtalo office,  in Kutaisi and Batumi subsidiaries.

Contact us at  2361112 or 2331199, e-mail:; our social web-site  and get the desired information.


The day after the order is placed, a representative of the company, responsible for taking measurements, goes to the unit location. The representative takes measures and calculates the cost, comes to an agreement with the customer about the following information - color, size, configuration, etc.


After the order is made, the projecting of the product takes place (including size, configuration, color and other information on request from the customer).


After the payment is made and the order is closed, the product is manufactured within 3-4 working days (except for specific cases) and the group responsible for installation provides the mounting service. 


In cases where our product appears damaged, it is possible to call for renovation group that will provide product repair and maintenance services. 

Guarantee Service

All products of our company are liable for a warranty period that implies the responsibilities of our company through our fault and, thus, the company is eager to take the responsibility and provide maintenance. Warranty period is defined from 3 months up to 1 year based on the type of the product.