0% Installment in Liberty Bank!


For the purpose of payment flexibility, the client is able to reimburse the cost of the product / service up to 5000 GEL by bank installment in "Liberty" bank.

Maximum amount: 5000 GEL.

Term: 6 months


The client selects the desired product and the sales service makes the appropriate calculation;

The client is provided with a sales manager signed and stamped invoice to submit to the bank installment manager;

The client goes to any Liberty Bank branch with the installment manager to submit an invoice.

If the loan is approved, the bank will deposit the loan amount in the client's account within 30 minutes, as a result of which the client will deposit the amount indicated on the invoice in the account of the company DIO.

After completing the specified procedures, the client will provide information to the sales manager of DIO about the approval of the loan and the transfer of the amount, after which the order will be processed.