Glass Partition

DIO offers Glass Partition for those looking for perfect solution for dividing space.

This product is extremely effective and necessary for the facilities, where protection safety standards of front desk employees are crucial. E.g. hospitals, banks, pharmacies, cashier’s offices, etc.

Key advantages are:

  • Solid glass;
  • Different shapes;
  • Interior functionality;
  • Easy to use;
  • Easy to maintain in long-term operation;
  • Safe to install and uninstall;

Glass Barrier is made of the highest quality tempered glass, processed chemically and thermally. Maximum stability and strength towards climate change.

Tempered glass is safe for humans as it breaks apart into thousands of tiny, relatively harmless cubes of glass and they are far less likely to cause injury to a person.

Glass partitions are the perfect solution for those looking to create stylish and modern glass partition walls in any interior.

Technical characteristics:

Made of 6-8-10 mm tempered (safe) glass

Width: maximum 1.8 m

Length: maximum 1.0 m

Dimensions depend on fasteners and surface.

On-line order Installment
The High quality of Dio products is conditioned by the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 introduced in the company since 2004