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New product from Dio - "slide net"- to protect against insects!

New product from Dio - "slide net"- to protect against insects!

“Dio”, a company with over 25 years of experience continues to pamper their customers with an all new and exclusive product – a modern German-made “slide-net” that protects against insects. Convenient for balconies, terraces, conservatories or any other large opening areas.

The product is easy and convenient to use without needing seasonal installation/removal. It’s intricate and durable design.

Our customer’s satisfaction is important to us; we always listen to their opinions, feedback, wishes and needs. As you know, large stained glass apartments, houses and cottages are very trendy today and the market is in demand for a protective net against insects that fit into a wide opening. Our company did not hesitate to develop a new, sliding mosquito net that fits the slide door perfectly:

  • The slide net moves on a special sliding profile, requiring just a simple hand movement for opening and closing.
  • The frame is made of thick aluminum profile to ensure durability.
  • Even a net made of laminated spool does not crack in the sun and is characterized by long-term use.

We would like to remind you that recently we have taken a bold step and for the first time in Georgia, we have started the local production of the mobile roofing system - "Pergola"!

"Our goal is to always provide customers with modern and quality products, special services and constant innovation, and this always pushes us to take future-oriented business steps!" - said the company Dio.

We would like to remind you that insect repelling Slide net can be ordered in all five branches of Dio in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi and Telavi.