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A new product in "Dio" is an Italian-made infrared heater!

A new product in "Dio" is an Italian-made infrared heater!

"Dio" has news again, the company offers the user the most convenient product in the open space on cold winter days - the Italian-made Heliosa brand infrared heater.

The product is particularly effective in cold weather, ideal for closed or semi-closed spaces. (eg: porch, terrace, balcony, commercial facilities, etc.) Installation is possible: under an umbrella, pergola, tent, as well as on any solid platform and wall.

"As you know, the “Dio” team is constantly trying to offer customers new, innovative, European-made products, what they really need and the demand really exists. That is why we have now added an Italian-made Heliosa infrared heater to our rather diverse range of products, along with a relatively budget Turkish model. The product is high-quality and durable, and European quality, high-standard manufacturing and technology ensures a long service life, which is an additional important benefit. We think this is a pleasant news for our loyal customers, and they will use the infrared heater quite practically. - the "Dio" company states.

The product is also very practical from the point of view of use, it is managed both mechanically and automatically - by means of a remote control and a remote control switch.

It should be noted that an infrared heater is 50% more economical than a gas heater. The heater does not need to be turned on for a long time to receive heat rays, the heat is felt in a few seconds after switching on, regardless of the weather. The infrared heater is actively used in outdoor sales points.

It emits environmentally friendly thermal energy, and in case of its use, the humidity of the air remains unchanged, it warms the surfaces of the body and the objects that fall into the area of its radiation.