Modern aluminum external roller shutters will reliably protect your apartments, offices, trade pavilions, banks or financial institutions, shops or pharmacies.

DIO’s external roller shutter creates a special comfort, its function is protection from wind, rain, snow and sun, as well as from unwanted guests.

DIO’s external roller shutters can be controlled from inside the building - automatically, without opening windows or doors. It can also be operated mechanically.

It can also be used as a decorative element that will give any facade an aesthetic and sophisticated look.

The advantages are:

  • High quality protection;
  • Isolation from light and sun;
  • Aesthetics;
  • Protection from noise, rain and dust;
  • Thermal insulation;
  • Long term of use under conditions of intensive operation.

On-line order Installment


PA 37

  • height 37 mm
  • thickness 8.5 mm

PA 52

  • height 52 mm
  • thickness 13 mm

PA 77

  • height 77 mm
  • thickness 18.5 mm

PE 41

  • height 41 mm
  • thickness 8.5 mm

PE 100

  • height 100 mm
  • thickness 25 mm

PEK 77

  • height 77 mm
  • thickness 18.5 mm

Technical Specifications

DIO protective shutter has a thermal isolation. It may be controlled without opening doors or windows from the inner side of a building, both in mechanical and automatic way; that is why there is no problem to use it in any weather condition.

Intallation Options

It may be installed both during construction process and in completed and exploited units.

Textures & Colors

* Please note: The colors on your monitor may not match the actual color of the material. If you do not see the desired color or texture in this catalog, please contact our operators.

Aluminum external shutter is protection, one of the most important moments for a home or office.

DIO offers various sizes of aluminum profile external roller shutters: 37 mm, 41 mm, 52 mm, 77 mm. Their selection, based on various technical characteristics, depends on the size of the window opening. The larger the opening, the wider the profile should be. The profiles of the external protective blinds are moved in the guides by means of a motor or a hand mechanism and are compactly, in a rolled state, hidden in the upper box. The profiles of the external protective shutters are double-layered and filled with polyurethane foam (from 1 mm to 3 mm).

Penoplast provides thermal insulation both in winter and summer. The foam layer protects inner profile from heating and cooling. Therefore, at high or low temperatures, the inner layer always maintains the desired temperature. They are assembled on high-quality machines, which allows us to cut profiles almost without errors.

High experience professionals ensure their assembly and installation.

Aluminum external roller shutters are controlled both automatically and mechanically.

The High quality of Dio products is conditioned by the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 introduced in the company since 2004