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DIO has prepared car interior partition for Bene Exclusive

DIO has prepared car interior partition for Bene Exclusive

DIO has developed a cabin interior partition for the premium car service Bene Exclusive. DIO’s transparent cloak protects both the passenger and the driver as much as possible from the airborne transmission viruses. Now you can travel safely with Bene Exclusive buses, minibuses, minivans and cars.

“We have successfully furnished the cabin of almost all types of cars with partition. Its installation - disassembly is possible with several actions without damaging the cabin. Disinfection of the multi-purpose partition is easy and does not interfere with the adjustment of the driver's seat. Through joint efforts and teamwork, DIO has come up with the idea of ​​a new product that was created for the local market from the needs dictated by COVID 19. The car cabin partition is one of DIO’s most promising products, and we are still finding new ways to improve it. Our cooperation with Bene Exclusive is important to us, as we ensure that drivers and passengers are given a chance to have a safe travel during these hard times. The more companies care about the health and safety of their customers and employees, the more they will ensure that driving will be safe. – as stated by DIO.

"Bene Exclusive" today provides the transfer of strategic staff, such as doctors of clinics and hospitals, financial institutions, employees of various private or public sectors, whose activities are high risk. Therefore, for added safety, Bene Exclusive was one of the first to install a cabin partition between the driver and the passenger in both minibuses, minivans, and sedans.

Thanks to the pandemic, the importance of safety cannot be ignored and has brought significance to car partitions. Now more than ever, the protection of drivers and passengers are top priority.