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How DIO was able to adapt and cope with the challenge

How DIO was able to adapt and cope with the challenge

Due to the current situation in the world, business entities have to operate differently. DIO has been able to deal with difficulties with operational management decisions (an operational headquarters was set up under the leadership of CEO Tamaz Daushvili), and moreover, it has offered customers new products (initiated and authored by CEO Irma Daushvili) such as:  Transparent partitions in the car cabin, ultra-transparent film partitions - for offices and various establishments, polycarbonate partitions and glass partitions, which are essential for all types of work space, be it banks, pharmacies, cash registers or offices to reduce the risk of infection.

DIO’s Operational Headquarters responded immediately to emergency regulations, held internal meetings, redistributed duties, and defined an appropriate action plan. The company staff was instructed. Disinfection of office, production, warehousing and own vehicles is carried out regularly. Information posters, disinfectant dispensers, solutions were placed in the interior of the building. All the necessary requirements to prevent the virus have been strictly developed and adhered to. Compulsory protection of a 2-meter-long social distance was defined on the full area. Some of the employees have switched to remote work mode. Measuring specialists and members of the installation team serve the customers with a special outfit and taking into account all the norms of safety. The company operates an effective monitoring system for the constant control of the above processes.

"Safe work environment, employee health care, reliable and safe customer service, this is our priority, so that the company is able to carry out the right, qualified and successful activities! "- DIO's Memorandum.

DIO is a leading company with many years of experience, the highest quality and constant customer care - this is the company's application, and it maintains one of the leading positions in the market. At the same time, the company has a high social responsibility, which is indicated by many factors.