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DIO Responds to Challenges with Innovation!

DIO Responds to Challenges with Innovation!

Restrictions designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have had some impact on almost every company. Rarely do you meet a manager who speaks boldly about difficulties and vice versa - perceives a crisis as an opportunity. One of these exceptions is Ekaterine Siprashvili, Head of Marketing at DIO, who answered our questions and told us how a crisis can be turned into an opportunity and the team strengthened in a difficult situation.

Due to the situation created by COVID-19, sales in the construction sector decreased. What impact did the restrictions imposed during the state of emergency have on the company DIO, which is a leader in the production of plastic and aluminum doors and windows in Georgia? What was that period like for you?

We were very emotional with the past few months. In the beginning there was a sense of uncertainty and unrest, however if we look at it from a positive angle, it is a story of people’s amazing organization, teamwork, dedication, creativity and the fact that nothing is impossible. The crisis is a kind of impetus for different thinking and acting, it is this feeling that further strengthens the DIO team and paves the way for new opportunities.

Restrictions make it more difficult for almost all companies to operate, therefore customer activity is declining, DIO was no exception. The accompanying process of the period and the sale of products with us was much less than we had planned. However, we have learned to live with the corona virus and believe that the planned rate by the end of 2020 will not change. As you know, DIO products are related to the sun and warming affects consumer activity. The current active season allows us to make good predictions.

"We are proud that we are still leading this field.

The construction industry in our country and in the world is growing, it is connected with emotions and motivation. Thus, at any stage, striving for progress is important. DIO is a dynamic brand, developing at a good pace and not related to routine work. As you know, current events have required quick adaptation and flexibility. We are also in the process of total development, we always offer new and interesting products to the customers, of course we continued to think even during the pandemic and we offered a lot of innovations to the customers.

Glass, Insulation and PVC partitions, as well as car insulation partitions - DIO soon offered customers the products that were most needed during the pandemic. How were the ideas generated and how much did the customer grab them?

DIO is focused on development, creating comfort for customers and offering innovative services and products in accordance with their needs and interests. We were not afraid of new challenges, we overcame them and tried to turn the crisis into an opportunity. We adapted to the news, we became proactive - that is why we successfully introduced new products in the company.

Today everyone knows if you need any type of insulation partition for safety – they can get it at DIO. Our offer is individual and tailored for: financial institutions, pharmacies, perfume shops, supermarkets, restaurants, cafe-restaurants, enterprises and offices.

We are glad that our users are quite highly qualified, educated and tasteful. Is confident in quality and chooses to make the right investment.

As we know summer without insects is unthinkable, it has not yet been officially established whether insects are carriers of the virus. Do you have any offers for customers in this regard?

I hope insects do not pose a threat to the existing virus. I also have high hopes according to the spread video, we will survive the mass attack of locusts. From the awakened Stink Bug and other insects, we can offer customers a variety of insect protection nets:

Stationary - fixed grid

On Hinges – which is installed at the door

Roll type - can be lowered or pulled from the side

Pleated - corrugated structure grids are tailored to the requirements of any customer.

It is also important that we can fit all types of openings. I would like to emphasize one of the main advantages - the structure of this product, which consists of laminated bone, which ensures its long service life, does not shrink in the sun, does not rot and protects it from wear. The color of the mesh profile, we can even match the color of the door-window profile.

The easy and convenient design of DIO’s mosquito nets creates additional comfort for our customers everywhere - be it home, office, cottage or hotel.

If the situation created by COVID-19 hinders you in making investments and what news should the customer expect from DIO?

We have already made several investments, we have built a new enterprise. We were planning to officially open enterprises in Kutaisi and Tbilisi, but all this has been stopped so far.

DIO never stops, it is always in the process of development, always offers new and interesting products to customers.

I would like to tell you that currently the production process is running smoothly in full compliance with safety standards. Accordingly, the current year will not be an exception in terms of news. We are confident that during 2020, DIO will implement many different and interesting projects that will convince users that the quality of DIO can not be compared.

I, for my part, promise to share with you our innovations, challenges, achievements and experiences.