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გადარჩენისთვის დაწყებული ბრძოლა 25 წლის წინ, რომელიც საქართველოს ბაზარზე წარმატე...


25 Years Together: Leading Door-Window & Shading Systems Manufacturer Dio Celebr...

This year, door-window and shading systems manufacturer “Dio” celebrates an important date – its 25th anniversary. Dio Ltd’s history began 25 years ago, in 1996. Now, it holds the leading position in the field on the local market. Starting out by producing nothing but blinds, the business has evolved into a factory with state-of-the-art technology, and ha...

Irma Daushvili - The answer to why a woman is never weak

Irma Daushvili is the well-known leader, founder, and CEO of “Dio”. She has been successfully leading the brand with her family since 1996 and is the leading company in the market of plastic/aluminum doors and windows, curtains, blinds and automated doors. While in Irma’s resume, Dio is her longest career development, it is not the only successful project. She is also involved...

Irma Daushvili - in the role of the speaker for the student parliament meeting!

Irma Daushvili, the founder and General Director of Dio, participated in a meeting organized by the Education, Science and Culture Committee and acted as a speaker. The topic of the conversation was “Moving towards success, which will bring us recognition”. Irma Daushvili shared her opinion, experience and many interesting advices. I am always pleased to meet students and listen ...

Members of Dio’s installation team attended MediClub Georgia’s training!

The employees of Dio’s Installation group attended MediClub Georgia’s training. The training serves to bring theoretical and practical knowledge of the following issues: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation; First aid for airway obstruction (in adults); Different types of wounds, types of bleeding, stop bleeding (correct placement) Different types of traumatic injuries, burns - th...

Many years of experience of the company Dio

“Dio” is a company with years of experience, success and professionalism. It offers customers the best quality products tailored for the highest standard. “Dio” is a perfect example of how a synchronized governance of both men and women is a very good way to succeed. OK! talked to Tamar Daushvili, Ceo of “Dio”, about the company and the role of a female leader i...

Irma Daushvili – Company Dio

The General Director and founder of Dio, as well as the co-founder and General Director of the vacation complex “Nunisi”, along with her husband doctor- phytotherapist Davit Vashadze, has begun a new project related to the development of phytotherapy treatment.  Business  Association “Women for the Future" Board Member. How did you start your business? What gave...

Dio – Continuous Business for 25 years

Author: Salome Kushashvili For 25 years in Georgia, the company Dio has walked a long road throughout its history. A company with zero capital that has become a reliable base for many people and organizations, whose products are equipped in their living or working environment. The number of projects implemented during this period is 8900, the number of employees is 200, the range of diverse pro...

DIO Responds to Challenges with Innovation!

Restrictions designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have had some impact on almost every company. Rarely do you meet a manager who speaks boldly about difficulties and vice versa - perceives a crisis as an opportunity. One of these exceptions is Ekaterine Siprashvili, Head of Marketing at DIO, who answered our questions and told us how a crisis can be turned into an opportunity and the team st...

A New Tempo

From producing blinds to owning factories equipped with modern technology - what follows the 23-year history of DIO’s business in Georgia Author: Elene Kvanchilashvili      Company: DIO Type: Family Founders: Irma Daushvili, Tamaz Daushvili Experience: 23 years Employs: 200 people Produces: up to 70 products Owns: ISO 9001: 2008; ISO 9001: 2015 cert...
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