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Irma Daushvili - The answer to why a woman is never weak

Irma Daushvili - The answer to why a woman is never weak

Irma Daushvili is the well-known leader, founder, and CEO of “Dio”. She has been successfully leading the brand with her family since 1996 and is the leading company in the market of plastic/aluminum doors and windows, curtains, blinds and automated doors.

While in Irma’s resume, Dio is her longest career development, it is not the only successful project. She is also involved in the management and development of the resort “Nunisi”. Currently she is working with her husband, the doctor- Phytotherapist  Dato Vashadze on a new project, which involves the development of phytotherapy in the country.  

Irma is also a member of the business association “Women for the Future” and the secret to her successful management and multifaceted work, is the fact that she works from 7:20 am and finishes in 2:30 pm.

Share us the main drive in which success can be achieved. What and how do you find it?

An interesting question. For me the drive of success is associated with hard work and the results it achieved. At the initial stage, any new project is created in my imagination, I clearly see the development process and ways of implementation. A single idea fills me, increases my energy, encourages and charges me from beginning to end. I know for sure that my family, siblings, and husband will always be my biggest supporters. As well as colleagues who are constantly enthusiastic about sharing the idea. Achieving the desired result is a prerequisite for starting a new business, a new charge. This has been going on for years (30 years) and I believe I will never lose the charge of attitude.

Tell us about Project “Nunisi”?

Nunisi is an amazing place located near Borjomi-Kharagauli Forest Park. There is something mystical about this place - once you visit it, you don’t want to leave. The uniqueness of the fresh, recreational and entertainment balneo-climatic resort is determined by the combination of two natural fresh factors - fresh water and air. Nunisi water is unique in the treatment of various skin diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis, allergies, atopic dermatitis and others.

Many legends are associated with the mysticism and uniqueness of the place. I think, given the current circumstances with the pandemic, it is a very special place. There are no cars in the area and the fresh air is full of oxygen. The amazing properties of Nunisi water can alleviate thousands of different skin diseases. Also, by its unique nature, it is an ideal vacation spot. It is unfortunate that we can receive vacationers only seasonally, from May to November.

Before the pandemic, the numbers of interests from foreign tourists were growing day by day, and if the infrastructure on the site is improved, it will be possible to receive tourists throughout the year.

How did you end up in this amazing place? What history do you have there?

I was a student when I first visited Nunisi, I was invited by my other student friends, Kakha, Maka and her husband David. It was a cold November day, but it still had the colors of autumn, golden leaves scattered everywhere, and the huge pine trees giving the place a lot of greenery, it created an unusual color mix.  The smell of rain and nature was amazing…

Whenever I am asked if I was interested in this place, I never hesitate for a long time and even though the investment conditions were unfavorable, to say yes.  As always, my siblings Tamuna and Tamaz supported me and we decided to take the first steps for the development of Nunisi.

As you know, when you are young, you make decisions not based on pragmatic business calculations, but often based on emotions. This happened in our case as well, but we do not regret it and we believe that we will definitely implement the set plan to the end.

What is your family business like? How do you manage to distribute your time and is there a specific trait that is only conducive to you on both sides? In addition, how similar are you at home and at work and which principles remain unchanged?

This type of questions is rarely asked towards men. Maybe because it seems that family is the top priority for women. While it is true to an extent, it is important to manage to balance time and energy between family and activities. That is why a business and successful woman draws attention to the fact that we manage to balance time and energy between family and work more than perhaps men.

I have a wonderful husband – doctor-phytotherapist David Vashadze. Two restless and happy kids – Niniko and Mamia.

I am really lucky – my husband is an amazingly talented person, due to his profession, he is always busy, and I think his work is unique. He always understands the fact that I cannot devote much time. David is also an extraordinary cook and he is very fond of it, so I rarely spend time in the kitchen, although I love baking cakes immensely.

You know, I can not say that I am different at home and at work. I am energetic at home, I do not like to procrastinate. I am equally demanding of myself and my children, as well as the work to be done at my job. I think the main priorities, such as implementing the work according to the plan, focusing on the result, mobilizing - are identical in both. The only thing is that at home I can cut loose and not pay attention to some details (for example, I can give myself the right and not order a desk, put on free-style clothes, etc.).