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Irma Daushvili - in the role of the speaker for the student parliament meeting!

Irma Daushvili - in the role of the speaker for the student parliament meeting!

Irma Daushvili, the founder and General Director of Dio, participated in a meeting organized by the Education, Science and Culture Committee and acted as a speaker.

The topic of the conversation was “Moving towards success, which will bring us recognition”. Irma Daushvili shared her opinion, experience and many interesting advices.

I am always pleased to meet students and listen to their interesting opinions. I’m constantly trying to the views of young people in our work, I believe that this generations is full of innovative ideas, the opinion of which is really important for any business. I am always ready to talk to them openly and share my experience.

I am always under the opinion that it is necessary to have a sincere conversation with students, especially when it comes to success, because the advice, strategy and direction that lead to progress must be clearly conveyed, " said Irma Daushvili, CEO of Dio.

The meeting was very fruitful and productive, lasted about an hour, and the students received comprehensive and interesting answers to all their questions.

Allow us to remind you that Dio has signed a number of memoranda with various universities, which aimed at internships, professional development and enhancement of practical knowledge.

Simultaneously, Dio actively participates in employment forums announced by various universities and promotes the growth and development of students.