“Magnolia” is the latest offering from DIO.

“Magnolia” is a Curtain-roller system, that has a small compact aluminum cassettes and side guides,

Curtain-roller Magnolia consists of a small, compact aluminum cassette (lid) and side guides, through which the roll piece does not fly and it maintains stability when opening and closing the window.

"Magnolia" is fixed on plastic, aluminum, and in exceptional cases on the movable or immovable parts of the wooden window - aka "on the wings".

On-line order Installment

Technical Specifications

"Magnolia" consists of:

  • small, compact aluminum cassette (where the piece is collected)
  • side conductors (for the movement of the fabric), through which the roll fabric does not protrude during the opening and closing of the window and maintains its stability.
  • "Magnolia" is very comfortable to use on the moving wing, because during the movement of the wing, the curtain moves with it.

Textures & Colors

Berlin იისფერი

Berlin აგურისფერი

Berlin შინდისფერი

Berlin ლურჯი

* Please note: The colors on your monitor may not match the actual color of the material. If you do not see the desired color or texture in this catalog, please contact our operators.

The Magnolia Curtain wraps around an aluminum shaft and has guides where the piece moves in a vertical direction. It is attached to the window or door frame and moves with the profile when opening or closing the window or door. It is also perfect for saving space.

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