Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds – a popular way of protection from sunlight.

With a vast array of colors at your disposal, you can give any office or family interiors a classical or more modern style. 

The vertical lamella (cloth) visually elevates the ceiling of the building. The blinds control mechanism allows you to evenly and moderately distribute the entry of light flux, giving the interior a "scattered light" effect.

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Technical Specifications

DIO’s vertical blinds are made of polyester and jacquard lamellae. All cloths are soaked in a special compound, which makes them solid and immune to dust, which makes housework significantly easier.

Vertical blinds are resistant to strong heat:

  • Does not fade;
  • Does not burn;
  • It usually maintains a room temperature 10 degrees lower than regular curtains.

Care: It depends on what kind of fabric the lamella is made of. It is often requires a special moisture and dust-repellent solution. In this case, the lamellae can be cleaned with a soft brush or any tool.

First of all, you need to disassemble the blinds in the following order:

Remove the bottom chain and take the weights off, then remove the lamellae from the runners. Roll each lamella (to keep the shape, it is desirable to wrap in Dolbandi) and put in soapy or washing powder water. Under no circumstances, scrunch them and put them in a washing machine, just simply leave it in water until the dirt is gone. Then remove the lamellae from the water and hang them.. Thanks to the weights, they will straighten and dry themselves.

Textures & Colors

ლინია კამა ნაცრისფერი

ლინია კამა ლურჯი

ბერლინი ბეჟი

ბერლინი კაკაოსფერი

ბერლინი სტაფილოსფერი

ბერლინი ბორდოსფერი

* Please note: The colors on your monitor may not match the actual color of the material. If you do not see the desired color or texture in this catalog, please contact our operators.

If you want your commercial space or flat ceiling to appear much higher in height then vertical blinds are the best solution as vertical lamellas visually extend the ceiling of the building. It is also ideal to use vertical blinds with a sloping or angled ceiling.

Managing vertical blinds is very simple - the blinds control mechanism allows you to adjust the angle of inclination as desired - evenly and moderately distribute the entry of light flux into the four, which creates the "scattered light" effect. The vertical blind curtain piece is specially designed to be solid, however, it does not absorb dust. It is unique for its antiseptic properties. It is very easy to take care, all colors and textures are cleaned with a wet, well-drained brush.

We offer a wide selection of vertical blind colors and textures at reasonable prices.

The High quality of Dio products is conditioned by the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 introduced in the company since 2004