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Many years of experience of the company Dio

Many years of experience of the company Dio

“Dio” is a company with years of experience, success and professionalism. It offers customers the best quality products tailored for the highest standard. “Dio” is a perfect example of how a synchronized governance of both men and women is a very good way to succeed. OK! talked to Tamar Daushvili, Ceo of “Dio”, about the company and the role of a female leader in various activities.

What does it mean to be a female business leader in the contemporary world?

Around the world, the percentage of women working in governing bodies and leaders are increasing. This is important and necessary for the development of the community. The demand for female empowerment has arisen with progress and is undergoing different developments in different countries.

It is already evident in Georgia that more and more women are becoming successful managers, politicians and business leaders.

I don’t have the competence to evaluate nor discuss globally, what is the role of a woman, that is done by many specialists in the world, but there is a nuance that expresses my opinion and attitude: female leaders and business leaders - it is a factor of balance, stability and creativity in any activity. To some extent, a sign for men that any successful, routine, daily activity has two sides, and a balance. The so-called golden mean is the best way to achieve more and develop more. A woman, in my opinion, has a good ability to intuitively judge the situation, which is important for making a successful decision in the process.

I am happy to live in an era where the importance of women is increasingly strengthening and where there are so many successful women, who are able to display and develop their own skills.

How did the idea of ​​starting a business come about? / Where is the starting point of the business that is so successful today?

The idea and starting point of our business comes from our family. Siblings who ran the company - Irma Daushvili, Tamaz Daushvili and me. I’d like to note that I have joined Irma and Tamaz later, due to the fact that I had a very young child and it was difficult to balance work and raising a child. The idea came out suddenly and I have always respected my siblings for their diligence, approach, hard work and self-confidence that has created “Dio” and leading it towards success. Every time I look back at how much obstacles we have overcome through hard work, I always have a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. “Dio”, which is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, was made successful through self-improvement, which is why self-improvement is always considered for our employees, and allow them to evaluate themselves.

The biggest difficulty that coincides with your profession is…

I cannot tell you that my work is directly tied to my profession. I would formulate the question like this: “What is the biggest difficulty that coincides with your profession?”

There was no difference between the challenges and the various stages of development for the company. Each stage is followed by its own obstacle. However, I will note that the most difficult thing for the company was not something specific to us, but to everyone in general, and that is being the first to see your own mistakes, critically approach your work, and try to quickly solve the problem on the basis of correct and fair assessments. Solving issues in an effective and timely manner is a difficult but important task. This is the priority as well as the basis of my work.

Tell us some current company news. How would you summarize 2020? What did the current situation hinder and reveal?

Dio has a lot of news today. I will start with the fact that we expanded our productions, we know have local “Pergolas”, and expanding the choice of internal and external products. It is difficult to sum up 2020 emotionally and in terms of performance. It seemed like day to day activities have suddenly disappeared thanks to the pandemic, however, I would like to thank each and every employee of Dio. Without their support, the management of the company would not have functioned, and I would like to thank the company’s management for being able to fulfill its obligations to employees in a timely manner. Being able to go through this sudden crisis with diligence and dignity was the main desire of the management. 2020 was a globally difficult year, it hindered standard processes, increased the costs, but I would say that it revealed many such procedures and nuances, which taken into account, introduced new ways to for better functioning. For example, it showed that it is more convenient to carry out certain work remotely online, and new regulations would create new products. I would summarize 2020 like this: unpredictable and sluggish workflow, unpredictable financial fluctuations, but at the same time, it offered new opportunities to test yourself, test the team you work with, and the will and ability to overcome problems successfully. I believe that our company did it will. I wish nothing but success for both our company Dio and our country Georgia!

What is it like being a woman in an important position in a male dominated environment?

I have never looked at women’s work in this regard. In a male environment, I (a woman) am an ordinary colleague, partner and employee.  Equal conditions, equal activity and, consequently, equal evaluation. Therefore, if you are successful in your business, it does not matter that it happens in an environment where men are in the majority. There is success that you deserve as a professional, and there are mistakes that you make as a person responsible for your own work - it does not matter if you are a woman or a man.

There are three things a woman needs in order to reach her professional goals…

  1. We should always control not only our external but our mental form as well (ask a lot of questions, and learn what we do not know);
  2. Always be moderately confident in yourself;
  3. Be fair and try to forgive our colleagues, friends, family members, and even strangers, things you would forgive and tolerate about yourself

Can you say the phrase: “I have reached what I wanted”?

I can say that I have: “reached more than what I wanted”.  From childhood I always had modest dreams. So I recommend to not shy away from having more ambitious goals and desires, because you can achieve more.

Who or what contributes the most to your success?

I don’t know how much I can evaluate myself as successful. I have not thought about it thoroughly enough yet, there are still challenges to overcome. The biggest contributor to my success and business goes to my family, the Daushvili family.

Is it possible or not for a successful women and family to be compatible with each other?

Yes, it is possible. If you are successful in your family, you have a high chance of being successful in businesses. I notice that women have one standout advantage:  we value women's work, both professionally and in the family, however, for men we only value their professional work, and no one asks them: are these two areas compatible? I would ask this question to men as well.

Do you have any free time? How do you spend it?

I would not have had free time, if I did not save it. Free time and rest is necessary, in order maintain effective performance and skills.

I love music, there is not day, hour, or even minute without music for me. I love drinking coffee in a beautiful environment. Today, my six-year-old grandchild and niblings have “conquered” my free time. However, I am very happy that they love to spend their free time with me.

Tell us about your future plans

I have various plans for the future: my work in the company will take me to another stage, and for that I need some training. My professional plans follow the tasks set before the company. We are preparing for the company’s 25th anniversary.

I cannot summarize what my plans are more specifically. I want it to be bolder and I wish to have a valiantly good assessment of the implementation of plans in the future as well.

What is the main motto of your life?

I do not know how much of a motto it actually is, however it is important to be fair, understanding and be able to objectively evaluate all events, processes, and emotions.